Five Important Aspects You Need to Know About Harmonized Tariff Systems

26 Oct

The first thing to know about harmonized system is that it's a global tool. This system is used by world custom organization since they have specific features for coding and tariff descriptions. The coding system is used worldwide by over one hundred and seventy countries, this codding have specific features that are very important in HTS system; it has several digits that are being used, the first digits are used for identity descriptions for international trade, this codes are actually the same worldwide for HTS users while the last two or four items or digits are for origins specific or domicile.

The HTS items are also used by importers, this are guys who import good from different regions of the world. The importers are required to provide actual and correct HTS codes that are used for filling. The importers are required to provide valid information about the specifics of the codes, this makes it there sole responsibility to provide accurate information for the custom agents to have goods and items classification.

The other reason for using HTS is that it may be cheaper; this is because you may end up paying a lot more for using the wrong HTS since the codding that maybe used are not actually for imported items.  The wrong coding  that maybe difficult to trace in the system may at some point increase the cost of importation no matter how little the cost may be but it may bring to an increase in cost addition as the some organization may charge more for penalties that may arise due to wrong information being captured, click here to know more!

It is also important to know that if you have been using the wrong version of HTS, it can be corrected. It may never be too late to make that change that may bring down the additional cost that you have incurred. The only thing you have to do is that you have to file in a post entry amendment which is also called the PEA and once your cleared it may take up to one eight days for you to be cleared and sorted with the correct HTS. Check this website for more info!

The most important point to note about HTS is that they are not static. This makes it important as the innovations that are being made currently can easily fit in to the HTS updates to make it more efficient as governments are evaluating other sources of revenues and seeking trade balance with other countries. To learn more about harmonized system code, go to

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